All About Color Schemes

July 24, 2012By 0 Comments

All About Color Schemes

#colorchat Agenda for Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Refer to right sidebar for times.

Questions are labeled Q1, Q2, etc.

Your answers during the chat should be labeled A1, A2, etc.

Here are the chat-starter questions for this chat:

  • Q1 – How do you explain the concept of  “color scheme” to someone completely clueless about color?
  • Q2 – What’s the first step in creating a color scheme?
  • Q3 – What is . . . a good, a bad, and an ugly color scheme?
  • Q4 – A color wheel is bound to come up – is it the answer to every color scheme question?
  • Q5 – How do you use color schemes to create mood, atmosphere, support a design style?
  • Q6 – How can a great color scheme be not only aesthetically pleasing but also useful?